Game Tools

Here are links to various tools I have create surrounding board games. These include helper apps (mostly as fun side projects) as well as tools for Board Game Geek.

Helper Apps
Pre-game wizard sheet and spell card tool. Not intended to be used during a game! Generate your wizard sheet and print your spell cards.
Squad manager for the game For What Remains designed by David Thompson.
Manage your Gaslands squad with this application.
Coming Soon!Alladore
Keep track of your ranger and companions through this application, for Ranger of Shadow Deep.
Board Game Geek Apps
What a mouthful. This tool grabs you BGG wishlist and compares it to any auctions that roll in on BGG. If it finds any matches it generates an RSS feed item for you and publishes it. Slap the url into your favorite RSS reader to view them.
Run the script to ask BGG for your "For Trade" list. If you enter data in the right way, it will generate a nicely formatted table for Reddit, which you can post on r/boardgameexchange.
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